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Membrane is a creative-action puzzle game in which you build, bend and break the world around you while experimenting to create your own solutions. Bendy bridges, wobbly ladders and shaky structures are just the beginning of what you'll make to test the limits of this weird, day-glo world!

Membrane was designed to allow creative space for the player to interact and build their own unique solutions. The puzzles are NOT designed to rely on deception or a single solution, lock & key approach to test players. Instead the game was built to reward creativity and experimentation from the player.

Get your creative, thinking cap on friends!

Developer: Perfect Hat

Perfect Hat is composed of Seth S. Scott and Jess Kostelnick. Seth & Jess have been making art, games and music together for 10 years now. Membrane started out as Seth's thesis project while he was getting his MFA in Game Design from the NYU Game Center. After graduating, Seth & Jess formed Perfect Hat to finish Membrane and bring it to the Nintendo Switch!

Twitter: @membranegame

Instagram: @membrane_game

Facebook: /membranegame

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: February 22, 2018

Awards & Accolades:

  • NYU Incubator 2017

  • Polygon “Besties“ February 2018

  • Nintendo “Nindies” March 2018

  • Nintendo Life “Top 10 Switch Unsung Heroes”

  • IGF 2018 Honorable Mention: Best Student Game



“Beavis & Butt-head meets Super Mario”

-Brian Altano, IGN

Nintendo Life • 9 out of 10

Membrane is a polished, tight and smartly designed single-room physics puzzle platformer wrapped around a unique audio/visual retro bubble. 9/10

Bonus Stage UK • 10 out of 10

Its innovative design, trippy aesthetics and physics mechanic offers an insight into how polished, indie titles can be and how smaller development houses can produce a gameplay model that easily matches, if not exceeds, the mechanics of many AAA titles available today. 10/10

Pure Nintendo • 9 out of 10

Membrane is easily the most trippy title on the Nintendo eShop, and for that alone it deserves to be celebrated. Its innovative puzzle and physics mechanic is a fine example of how great indie titles can be when they take chances and go for broke 9/10

Cheap Boss Attack

Fuckin bonkers and wonderful!