• Bantam Blitz Chess is chess played on a 5x5 chess board. Both players start with a King in the center back square closest to themselves.

  • Ante is $1 for the black player and $2 for the white player (or any variation of double up). White player bets more since they place and play first, with a slight advantage.

  • There is a community deck with a full set of pieces that players chose from at the beginning of the game. Each player also has a white and black deck, each containing a full set of chess piece cards specific to them.

  • Players draw two cards from the community deck that will function as the community pieces. Each player will get those pieces to place on their board. Then each player draws two more cards from their personal decks that are placed in their “pocket” and those cards are specific to them. (You can also play w/o personal decks and both players will just draw from the community deck for a more intense game with less pieces)

  • Black player decides if they want to even up the ante and play the game OR forfeit their initial bet and re-deal.

  • Once decided, beginning with the white player, players take turns placing their community piece cards on the board. All pieces must be placed in the back two rows of your side. Pawns can go in either row, all other pieces must be in back row.

  • Play they begins in traditional chess fashion. White player moves first.

  • On your turn you can EITHER 1) Place a card from your hand in a legal position OR 2) Move a piece that you already have place on the board.

  • All moves must be legal chess moves.

  • If you get a pawn completely across the board it is removed and you draw an additional pocket card for yourself. You then have an extra card to use. This amount of pocket cards is NOT your new pocket count. You always can only draw back up to two cards.

  • Once you check mate the opposing player the game is over and you switch sides and play again.